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Issues with Alinco3


I updated to the new version a few days ago. So far I've noticed a few problems. I'm not sure if these are attributed solely to the plugin or caused by an interaction between the plugin and the way I have my computer set up. I run AC in winXP SP3 using a limited account, but running AC and Decal through the Run As service. I did not experience any issues with this setup using v1.0.1.09, so my assumption is that these issues are specific to v1.0.1.10.
Notifications will suddenly fail. This includes portal detection, mob detection, landscape trophy detection, and player detection (which is a great addition I've been missing since switching from the original Alinco, thanks). The failure occurs on log-in, several minutes after log-in or not at all. I have not noticed a factor, or combination of factors, that cause this failure. My testing involved mostly landscape scanning. I've no idea if this extends to the loot scanner functions.
Auto-stacking will fail. Again, this is random. After a few minutes auto-stacking will begin working again. This occurs with, but may not be limited to, vendor interactions and crafting interactions. This seems to occur independently of other errors.
Some alerts will reset to blank. I found this occurs with the "Monster" alert. I did not test if it occurs with Monster2 as well. The .WAV file selected for this alert will get dumped to blank. Like the above errors this seems to occur randomly, but usually does not occur on log-in. This occurs independently of other errors listed. Since I concentrated most of my testing on landscape scanning, I did not notice if this occurs with Salvage or Trophy alerts.
Re-logging seems to fix all these problems for a time. I've tried repair installs, clean installs, replacing components (settings .XMLs and .WAV files). After a re-install, the plugin works normally for a couple hours before these issues appear.