Global Inventory

With the global inventory you can find and locate your items back quickly.

Update button
The update function checks for new - and removed items in your inventory.
It does not re-identify existing items.
When you need to reident just one item because it was upgraded by tinkering for example,
remove it from your Inventory, update then add it to the inventory and press update again.

When you have alot changes then you best remove your char from the global inventory by
using the Delete Button.

Search button
The search function checks for a match in the by Alinco generated description of the item.

you can search on multipy keywords:
for separators you can use : or ;


I want to see if I have Major Frost Ward on a Bracelet somewhere:
I would enter: major frost;brace

All dual majors:
enter: major;major

Duals with one frost ward:
enter: major;major;major frost

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