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Auto-Ust Again

Aug 22, 2009 at 4:56 PM

Hey, I thought the problem was fixed with Auto-ust, but it just started happening again. (where the ust bar will perm stay up unless you log out) Now i've been watching it when it ust's and when this hiccup occurs. 


I got it down to two posabilities - 1) when a bag hits exactly 99 units, the auto-ust wants to salvage it to complete the bag but it also thinks the bag is finished - so it gets stuck in limbo and this causes the perm ust bar

2) (not likely the one) When looting, if your looting quickly through corpses without giving the auto-ust time to ust, it seems to get stuck and causes the perm ust bar. (not confirmed)


This aint a HUGE issue like I said. Still an awesome plug-in